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OFFERINGS OF NOTE - Jonathan Kreisberg


Here you can find my work for Jonathan Kreisberg's first book of transcriptions. I did the transcriptions and layout and we worked together to propose a precise fretwork in tablature.

"A retrospective collection of compositions and solo transcriptions in standard notation, with original fretwork notated by Jonathan Kreisberg in tablature."


Here is my transcription of Bill Frisell's composition "Outlaws" from the eponymous album released in 2001, with Dave Holland on double bass and Elvin Jones on drums.


You can find in two seperate files the head and Bill Frisell's solo.

This is a great tune with many details and great work on textures. The structure and the development of this piece are really singular!

OUTLAWS by Bill Frisell

ALL OF YOU by Herbie Hancock & Ron Carter

Here is my transcription of Herbie Hancock's solo on All of You from the 1964 Miles Davis album "My Funny Valentine".

You can also find Ron Carter's bass line during Herbie Hancock's solo. 

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